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Hot meals are delivered 365 days a year.

Our meals are prepared in the Enloe Hospital kitchen and provide at least one-third of the recommended dietary allowance for adults.  A registered dietitian plans the menus on a six-week rotation basis.  The meals are generally low in fat and prepared with little or no salt added.  Food is delivered hot and ready to eat, in recyclable containers.  If the meal is not consumed at the time of delivery, it should be refrigerated and later reheated in an oven-safe container. 


Types of Meals
Regular, Heart Health (ADA Recommended), Soft/Mechancial Soft, and all doctor ordered diets available; however, only regular diets will follow the menu guide delivered monthly.


Regular Meals
Main dish, starch, vegetable, bread and butter, milk and juice.


Special Diets
Renal, ADA renal, heart healthy, puree, gluten free, ostomy, soft, soft mechanical, vegetarian, lactose free, no spices.

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